Recovery service
for crypto keys.
Problem is serious.
Using crypto starts with the important problem:
the management of your private keys and the secret passphrase. They are the only way to access funds on the blockchain. In case of being lost user's funds are lost forever. This happens way too often.
Too much responsibility for a user.
Every user-controlled wallets (both cold and hot), Dapps and many blockchain services provide a user with private keys and passphrases that must be kept safely. And no one offers recovery options other than "remember a password for a password".
Existing solutions fail.
Lost, thrown away, damaged or exposed.
Cold wallets
Lost, stolen or broken as any hardware can be. PINs and passwords are easy to forget with no recovery options.
Various online solutions or exchanges
At risk of hacker attacks and leakages from centralised databases. Developer's access to the secret data.
Cloud backups
"Remember a password for a password" approach. The master-password is usually not recoverable itself.
Longplay — private keys recovery service.
The unique thing is that Longplay doesn't require a user to store any password or encryption key to recover the data.
Longplay is the white-label solution for wallets, exchanges, Dapps and blockchain-platforms to provide recovery option to their users, becoming more competitive.
Longplay uses blockchain for transparency of settlement with holders (independent verification services) and for secure storage of private keys in a distributed storage.
Doesn't require a password
Doesn't require any password or key to recover the data.
Secure by design
Encrypted locally on a user device and stored decentralised in a way that no one has a key.
We use strong encryption algorithms.
User's data (private key) is encrypted with AES-256 GCM algorithm. The encryption key (secret) is divided into unique parts that are distributed between multiple independent holders. To reconstruct the original secret, a minimum number of parts is required.
Neither Longplay nor our partners have the keys to decrypt user data. Unique encryption secret is generated when a user backs up one's data but no party stores it or can retrieve it due to the SSS method.
How it works?
Integrate Longplay into your service.
Get a unique competitive advantage by letting your users feel a higher level of security and trust. Provide the solution for one of the most challenging problems of blockchain ecosystem.
demo version.
Sergei Denisiuk
Product and Operations
Sergei is the founder and CEO of MobileUp (top-10 of Russian mobile dev companies) with 10 years of entrepreneurial experience.
Eugene Valeyev
Technology Lead
Eugene has wide background in mobile development, cryptography, blockchain, high-load etc. CTO of MobileUp.
Olga Tiagunova
BD & Marketing
A professional with 8 years of experience in IT, blockchain and music marketing.
Irina Berkon
A proven finance, accounting and compliance leader with 15 years of progressive hands-on experience in corporate finance.
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Recovery service for crypto keys
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